The following information will help you to plan your visit to Meynell Langley and Lodge Farm.


The first step is to contact us by telephone or email to discuss particular requirements and available dates.  It will help if you have several possible dates.

Please leave time to fit in a pre-visit by the teacher who will be leading or planning the visit.  At the pre-visit we will plan the content of your visit, choosing activities related to the curriculum areas the pupils are studying.  We will also discuss logistical and health and safety matters to ensure the visit runs smoothly and safely.

We have prepared letters which you are welcome to use for parents and also for adult helpers.  These letters explain what to expect and what to wear on a farm visit.  They also contain some preliminary safety advice.  Please ask for email copies which you can print for distribution.

We prepare risk assessments for each individual visit, tailored to the activities the group will be undertaking.  These will be sent to the school by email in the week leading up to the visit.


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