Since 1991 Lodge Farm, Meynell Langley has been producing delicious, healthy food without putting birds and other wildlife at risk from pesticides and herbicides.  Numerous plant species thrive in the old grass meadows which make up nearly two-thirds of the farm.

Farming without artificial fertilisers means you have to really look after the soil, using manure and grass/clover leys to build soil fertility.  It makes sense that if you have healthy soil, rich in nutrients, then your plants will be healthy, and the animals eating them will be healthy.

sheepOur philosophy is one of 'gentle' farming, working with nature rather than trying to control it.  We use no pesticides or artificial fertilisers, and don't overload the land with high stocking rates.  We believe that this makes for healthier soil and consequently healthier plants and animals.  Soil Association standards demand a high level of animal welfare, and restrict the use of veterinary medicines.  Genetically modified ingredients are not permitted in the feed for organic animals.

Lodge Farm includes woodland, permanent pasture, old hedgerows, streams, ponds and a wetland area. Our farming methods are chosen to minimise impact on these, and to protect them for the benefit of wildlife.


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