Community at Meynell Langley

community at Meynell LangleyWe believe that Meynell Langley should be enjoyed and shared, and today visitors and many groups come from all sectors of the local community.  A visit to Meynell Langley offers you the chance to experience the beauty and tranquility of the countryside, and to appreciate the history of our landscape.  Conservation and biodiversity are rewarding areas to get involved with, as are the practical aspects of local food and farming.

'Think apple pies, cider, apple juice, plum puddings, perry, damson fool, benches to enjoy the spring blossom from' think local honey, small pond full of dragon flies' think Kirk Langley school children celebrating and harvesting natures bounty''.

Organisations and groups are welcome to arrange a visit to the farm.  Visits are tailored to allow groups of adults or children to explore their chosen aspects of the farm.  A typical visit lasts about two hours and involves a short introductory talk and safety briefing followed by a farm tour and perhaps a hands-on activity. 

Since 1991 Lodge Farm, Meynell Langley has been producing delicious, healthy food without putting birds and other wildlife at risk from pesticides and herbicides.  Numerous plant species thrive in the old grass meadows which make up nearly two-thirds of the farm.

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